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Finally I can show my new 1911SC!!!

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Didn't see a S&W picture post like all the other manufacturers have. I finally figured out how to post pics, so here is my stock 1911SC.
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I've actually had it for about 2 months. I put 200 rounds through it when I first got it and had about 50 casings in my face so I sent it back to S&W. Got it back in about 3 weeks. They replaced the extractor spring and put in a new sear spring. Also without me asking, they replaced the trigger. The pins holding the trigger shoe to the bow were showing from the trigger guard. Seems like alot of the SC's do this from what I've seen on the forum here. Just put 100 rounds through it and it works great now. Accuracy and reliability is everything and more I could expect and more from a $729.00 gun. No failures of any kind in those 300 rounds. I couldn't be happier. Yeah, the grips need to go. Want something a little darker and more exotic. Trying to make up my mind.
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