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Finally my STI's finished.... some pics

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Hello everyone,

well i just thought that i would post a few pics of my first 'real guns' (everything alse i have is UIT related pistols)

The pistol is basically a STI 2011 .40 made for what we call 'standard' dev. IPSC.

It is pritty much made up with all STI bits and built up by Ivan (who's shop is called Relic Custom) - Ivans a GM IPSC shooter who's has been building STI's/SVI's and other IPSC pistols for many years, and over here is pritty much the man to have make your pistol.

I have not yet fired this pistol since it has been 'finished' but i had the pleasure of shooting it in, when it was first built, then he had it back for a while, made all the serrations and polished/ nickeled it etc. and now i finally have it back.

Please excuse the pic's, i havent yet got my holsters etc. so it is just a very plane picture taken in my room.

Hopefully i will get the digi camera again soon (borrowed it from a friend) and i can take some more pics to show it from all the different sides.

all comments welcome, and hopefully i will get a review done soon on it too.

(just for info, when i took it down to the club to 'shoot it in' i over 2 days 500rnd's of my own loaded bullets which were :200grn projectiles, with full major powerfactor speeds using a local made powder (ADI AP50/ 3.9grns) Winchester brass, and winchester small rifle primers.
The trigger broke very cleanly at 3LB's which i wasnt totally happy with, and when i took it back to be finished, had him lighten it to 2.5 pounds.

Overall, i am very happy with it, and everything has been done how i asked.

When i was shooting it in, the front sight wasnt fixed in place yet, but i managed to shoot 2 to 3" groups of 15 at 25meter's which i am very happy with for now, as it is my first ever shooting session with a pistol of this cal. (up till now ive done nothing but strict UIT shooting)


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Vey nice! I guess the fact that you have them at all is a small victory considering the anti-gun legislation in Australia. The pistol looks very "clean." I'll be lloking for your report on it's shooting qualities. Tell us about the other guns in the pic too.
Wow! I never thought I'd ever see a pic of a Feinworkbau AW93 on this list! I've got one too. Looks like you ditched the factory grips. Are they Nill-Griffes? I can't quite make out the logo impression on the grip. Is the bolt and barrel blued? Looks like it in the photos. Very unusual to see the small piece of wood under the trigger guard. How does this work for you?
Hello, sorry its been so long an i didnt reply b4 to your questions but i will try and answer them now.

BBBill thanks for the reply, So far ive put about 1700 rounds through the STI and it shoots flawlessly. 1200rnds with the 200grn projectile and 500 with the 180grners. Right now, and im sure for a long time to come, it out shoots my abilities by a long way. Right now, if i shoot slowly, almost one at a time, i can hold around the 9 ring of a UIT target with it, but as soon as i really speed it up they drop low left cos i keep pulling the trigger a little and squeezing the grip to tightly as im still getting used to the gun (ive come from shooting nothing but air and .22 pistols, so its my first centerfire)
and i keep flinching.... but im slowly getting that out :)

The most amount of shooting ive done with it in the one day was 600 rounds which i did with some friends and it wasnt cleaned untill the end, and it hardly looked like it needed cleaning. The was no leading at all down the barrel and cleaned out very quick and easily.

Slo cat, thanks for the comments and yep it sure is a FWB aw93. Ive had it for about a year now, and you guessed it the first thing i did to it was have new grips made for it. They are Nell grips from germany, but they are custom. I am lucky enough to have a great gunsmith nearby who happens to also be german, and he is friends with the FWB people and Nell Griffes. And he actually takes a mould of your hand, which is sent to Nell and a grip is made to suit your make of pistol. I have very small hands VERY small, the Factory Nell small grip was to big for my hands, and so i assume when your talking about the part of the grip the appears to be on the underside of the trigger gard as actuall on the far side, and my middle finger sits just under it.

I found the factory grip very very bad, and my friend who does the grips wont evan bring the pistols into the country with the factory grips.... and from what i could gather, it was really a money thing which seems silly with such a high end gun, but i guess they wont to save money where they can... which is why i believe they went with the grip that comes with it? But hay... a $2500 pistol and it comes in a cardboard box!!! go figure :) Bloody stupid when you look at pistols like the morini's which at least come in a lined case etc... Im sure anyone who's buying one would be happly to pay a little more to have it come in a nice case...

The grip on it now cannot be compaired to the old one, i am 200% happy with it, but my only fault in it (which is no fault of its own) is that i had it made in the summer, and in the winter it is just a tiny tiny bit small, but i cannot afford to have another made for the winter.

As for the finish of the FWB. the slide is blued and the rest of it including the barrel is nickel.

The other pistol in the photos (the blue one) is a Steyr LP1 air pistol. There isnt much i can say about it but i love it. Its number of Olympic medal's taken by people all around the world using it speaks for itself :)

thanks for the replys and sorry it took so long for me to respond

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