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Finally ready to have a custom gun built... maybe.

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I have a full size Springfield in 9mm that I am seriously conisdering having completely redone in .38S or 9x23. Now, I realize that anything I have done will be my choice and up to my personal preferences but I was wondering if there is a check list or a guide for all the myriad alterations that can be done to the thing. I'd hate to think I had my dream gun all thunk up and then slap my head as I am picking it up, "I shoulda..!". Also if there is a way of locating a smith in my area that has a good rep for the work. Perhaps a pistolsmith guild website? All comments and suggestions appreciated.
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Give George at EGW a call (215)348-9892. He will build you what you want. He was in on the design of the 9x23 case and is named in the patent. It doesn't get any better than that. His work is top shelf. He won't sell you anything you don't need but he will also point you to the things you do! He can build you everything from a tactical carry gun right up to a full house racegun.
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