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Except for the rear sight, mine are the Novak's without the grooves.

Which took me a moment to notice, that could have been my Warrior.

Have been using the black Gunner grips for about 3 months now.

Love the feel. I did get the tapered bottoms on mine.

As 'grippy' as they are, They still don't tear up my battleship blisters.
(I'm a fat guy)

Put 3m anti skid tape on the front strap. Replaced the plug with a plug with checkering. And a 18 1/2lb wolf recoil spring.

Shoots great. Shoot Limited 10 with it using CMC 10 round Power Mags.

Really is a sweet shooter. Oh, I took out the white rings around the two rear rings.

Even in my Trifocals I can't miss that big Kimber/Mepro front dot. Night or day.

I understand the new Desert Warrior has a more aggressive carry grind on it, breaking the corners, edges, and points better.

1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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