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I have installed the safety and it functions.

The safety detent does not align with the spring plunger. How can I fix this?

Also, the front of the safety drags on the notch on the slide. Does this area of the safety also require fitting?

Installing the safety was a bigger headache than I had anticipated.


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You can lightly polish (and remove a very SMALL amount of material) the front radius of the safety where the detent is located. This will allow the safety to pivot easier, and not contact the notch in the slide. Remove just enough material to allow it to pivot easier.

You can then relocate the detent in the safety, once you've determined where it needs to be in relation to the plunger. Use a dremel and put a very small dimple in the location desired. If you are not comfortable doing this, see a smith. A local machine shop can put a dimple there as well, probably for free. Make sure you know exactly where the dimple needs to be. It does not need to be a deep hole, just a slight indent.

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Does the "plate" of the safety fit well against the frame? I had a C&S safety that had a slight warp in it, causing it to bow out away from the frame. I secured the pin in a vise, so the lever was on top. Tapping on the lever removed the bend and the detent was then in alignment with the plunger. If you have to remove material from that area to allow the safety to smoothly swing up into the slide notch, then you'll be reducing the detent anyway, making adjusting the detent location (if you must resort to cutting) easier. Since the loation of the notch, relative to the safety, is dependent upon the location of the slide stop pin hole, the dimensions of the barrel lower lugs, hood length, etc., having some extra material on the face of the safety allows you to fit it perfectly to your slide.
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