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Fiocci ammo

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I recently bought some Fiocci ammo, 230GR, FMJ. I've put about 350 rounds through a new gun, and have had 10 instances where the slide fails to go back into battery properly. It could just be that the gun is new, but I also noticed when cleaning the gun that the Fiocci ammo, when chambered, is not flush with the barrel hood. It sticks out a bit. I recently bought some UMC and American Eagle and they fit flush. Should I not continue shooting the Fiocci ? I've still got a few boxes left.
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FW this is worth...
I have mainly shot Fiocchi .45 acp for 1 1/2 yrs in my Kimber Custom Target - except for a few boxes of Win,PMC and CCI Blazers. Never had a problem firing, or in its accuracy. Had too many FTFs with all mags EXCEPT MEC-GARS, which I now use exclusively.
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