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Fire Storm Opnion wanted

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Please give me your opnion of the Fire Storm 1911 Gov. Good or Bad.
thank you

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The Firestorm/Llama is not a true 1911, as all of the parts do not interchange. That alone works against it. Spanish pistols have carried the stigma of being soft. Not all are, but perception is reality, eh? As a kind of entry-level .45 auto, it would probably serve OK, but if you want a "1911", then pass.

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I have a Firestorm .380 pistol, which by the way shoots great. It is a Walther copy, based on a tried and true pistol design. However the paperwork states that Firestorm is a combination of Bersa and Llama. If they are making their 1911 style anything like Llama makes their own,; STAY AWAY! I have not had any luck at all with Llama products!
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