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Very nice gun! The more I look at the stippling, the more I like it, especially on the MSH and recoil spring plug. I'd swap the triggerguard work for some type of texture on the back of the slide, myself. I'm at the point of thinking I like your stippling better than than checkering on my "someday" gun. That stippling and the dark light-eating finish compliment each other very well.

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FirebladeSystem said:
Thank you to everyone that took the time to post and for all the kind words. I really appreciate the input from forum members and my peers.

usmcgunman- I have been smithing for 9 1/2 years give or take a week.

jakemartens- Heres a stealth version for ya. There were several features taken from this gun that were applied to the above Caspian project.

Parts used on the Caspian were.

Schuemann AET ramped barrel in .45
Egw bushing,Firing pin stop,ejector,recoil plug,sear,slide stop
Novak sights
Ed brown extractor,mainspring housing,firing pin,hammerstrut
Wilson- grip safety, ext mag catch
Greider medium solid trigger
C&S disconnector
nowlin plunger tube
Wolff springs
The grips are thin cocobolo I believe they are Ahrends

I am sure I left out some things but thats the jist of it.

The counterstrike gun is the one I'm saving my pennies for!

Great work on this gun also!

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Elegant Simplicity.
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