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firing pin block plunger

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Is there any good reason not to take this part out, correct me if I am wrong but I think Colt is the only 1911 with this. Would it help trigger pull.

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Robb is basically correct. On a carry/self-defense weapon, this additional safety makes perfect sense. If you want a competiton/race gun, then you may shave a few ounces off the pull. Hardly worth the savings on a carry gun.

Keep these extra internal parts clean and lubed (like you should be doing anyway) and the extra "series 80" parts will not be a hinderance.
Thanks for the comments, I guess I will leave it in, but I wish it wasn't there, it makes it a little more difficult taking out and putting in the firing pin and extractor.
Well after breakin' it down another 20 or so times, you'll not even notice it. Just ask Shane!
That guy keeps his pistols so clean, you can see yer face in 'em...and they aren't shiny nickel either!!!

Here's a shot of him chasin' a bad guy that made a remark about his "dirty"PO
...and here's another!

...heehee...The bad guy said BO but Shane thought he was talkin' bout' his PO!!!


I Like The Shade Too!
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If you want to try your 1911 without the series 80 parts you will have to get a filler piece,called a shim,from Brownells..
It is rather expensive,about $3.00 if I remember correctly..The postage will kill you,thing to do is order when you need other things..Not too hard to get a order together,just spend a bit of time with their catalog..
Remember though - Series 80s do not have the half-cock that series 70s do, so you'll have less safety features on the 80 if you disable this.

As for Brownells - whenever I look at their catalog I have trouble not ordering too much!
Originally posted by gyp_c:

...heehee...The bad guy said BO but Shane thought he was talkin' bout' his PO!!!

You kill me!!!!! ROTFLMAO!!!! It's too early to laugh this hard!
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