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First 1911 and it's a Kimber

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I came acrossed a used Kimber Stainless II today. I thought the price was good for a Kimber and the condition of the pistol at $525. I hope that I found a good deal. The shop also had a used Para...I chose the Kimber over the Para because the Kimber's trigger pull was crisp and ligther than the Para.
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Congrats! I think you made the right choice, but I am biased. :biglaugh: If the gun is in nice shape then I'd say you got a bargain at that price too.
Congrats on the new 1911 and welcome to the forum. Sounds like a good price for a good gun.
Looks like you got a great deal on that. How about some pics of your new shooter?

Welcome to the forum!
Brian Majors
Took my TLEll to the range today....gun was the hit of the range, everyone wanted to shoot it....hit the 500 round mark without one malfunction with stock mag, 3 metalforms and 2 CM 8 rounders...here's wishing you the same good luck...
That's a excellent deal! Welcome to the club bro... :rock:
I too just got my first 1911, and its a kimber, pro raptor II. I love the gun but haven't got to shoot it, da*n overcrowded range. Oh well, should be able to shoot tomorrow. Getting there early before anyone. Congrats on the purchase and have fun with it and be safe.
welcome and enjoy that gun. three Kimbers to date and all fine shooters. they also usually draw attention with each visit to the range as they do shoot really well.

be safe, shoot well.:rock:
he asked if it was a good deal?

A Kimber for less than $600, that had only one malfunction (not defined) in 500 rounds, and he asks if it was a good deal. I assume if it shot like a shotgun we would have heard...

So, you tell us? Scream it acorss the net! DID YOU GET A GOOD DEAL?:p
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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