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First Kimber Question???

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I am looking to purchase a basic, no frills, matte blue 1911a1 type pistol to shoot the hell out of and that will run, run, run without sending to a smith. Accuracy need not be 1.5" at 25 meters or anything crazy like that. I was thinking the Custom II, or is there something else out there in the kimber line that would better suit what I'm looking for (at least as explained here)? I am not familiar with Kimbers, are there any things I need to change out before hand, or are they generally good to go out of the box?
thanks in advance,
Birmingham, AL
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My first, and best, 1911 was a Kimber Custom Stainless, which is the bottom of the line stainless gun from Kimber. Now I think I want a Custom (black finish). Kimber's base model guns come with all kinds of frills that would cost hundreds of dollars to have done by a gunsmith. Get one!
Get yourself a Kimber Compact, you can shoot the hell out of it and use it as a carry gun too. It's great out of the box, very accurate. Just stay away from the kimber night sights, they stink.

If you want a blue no-frills pistol, then the "plain" custom will certainly fit the bill. Make sure you take care of the finish, as I have seen posts on Rec.Guns of Kimber Blue not being the best at rust prevention.

If you like stainless and can afford the extra $75 for one, it is certainly more durable than blue if you are living in a humid climate.

The Kimber Custom isn't really a basic, no frills gun. If you compare it with the Mil-Spec 1911s out there you will see many features that they don't have. Just because the Custom is Kimber's least expensive model, doesn't mean you will have to do anything to it. You certainly get a lot for your money.
also remember that you need to break it in with a good 200 rds to make it "run, run, run". soem folks have probs to begin with because kimbers are so tight.mine was great outta the box. good luck& safe shootin'.

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