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First match..

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I am going to compete tomorrow in my first ever match...:rock: It is an IDPA steel match at the Hogue pistol range in San Luis Obispo... I went and spent all kinds of money on expensive gear (1 $20 holster and two $15 mag pouches:) ) I probably will not do very well since I am a relatively new shooter, But I am sure it will be a blast(pun intended...).....:rock:
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Here are the results... http://www.slosa.org/steel/matchresults200512.htm I am Eric Crum... At least I beat the 1 other guy in my class...:rock: I hit my targets about 90% of the time, and I didn't commit any fouls... :rock:
The next match is on Jan. 22nd... They will hopefully be able to run all 7 events instead of just 5.
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