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First plunge into 1911... Gold Cup Trophy... questions...

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I've always been a Browning Hi Power fanatic until Oct. 4th. I went to the local gun store and reluctantly looked at another 1911 not understanding the appeal to these darn things. The super wide trigger face on the GOLD CUP TROPHY and it's generally handsome / presitgous appeal sold me instantly. I shot a box through it and WOW!! it's a REAL honey! I hate to say it, but it may even be as nice as my Browning Hi Power... but to the questions...

It had a few weaknesses in my eyes that I'd like to adress and ask for advice about here.

I'm considering going with a GUNSITE low mount safety but will it click off at the wrong times from body movent due to popular holster designs catering to the popular high safety designs?

Secondly, the BOMAR sights are nice but if I want to get tritium inserts like, bar-dot-bar, are there replacement blades?

Third, I feel kinda dumb asking this but... I want to go to an ED BROWN memory groove grip safety. Will that mean frame modifcation?

Lastly, I'd like to get a trigger job on it. The trigger is fine now but I'd like the glass rod breaking feel. How much does that normally cost and what parts need replacing and can you recomend brands for those parts.

Thanks for your time and attention to what I'm sure are FAQ's by now.

Tim Warren
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1) don't know too muchg about the gunsite safety, but recall it coming up occasionally on Parts & gunsmithing forum, try there if you don't ge any answer's here.

2> Bomar makes some night sights IIRC, if you're still wanting adjustable sights. Since Colt actually uses Bomar's instead of just copying them, you should be able to get an interchangeable one. If not, try Heinie or Wilson Combat.

3> the Memory groove will require frame modification, gunsmith fitting recommended. You can get a drop in King's grip safety for a commander and it will fit nicely enough.

4> Not sure, probably depends on your area for price. The Gold Cup's have a unique hammer/ sear. While you can put in a new set without problem, the original parts are pretty neat too :)
I don't have much experience with the Trophy model,but this might help.
The Gunsite safety intruieges(sp) me,but the holster prob is one I'd like to hear about.I prefer the low thumb hold.
I believe Millet makes the bar-dot-bar design,so you really need to get in touch with them and Bo-Mar to see if it can be had.
The Brown GS will require cutting.If you're a follower like me,it justifies the refinish job,but the frontstrap needs to be undercut to really get the full effect.
As far as the triggerr goes,put about 200 snaps to it and then decide.If it still needs to be crisper,a smith can adjust the sear easily.I'd say $20 -30.I think the hammer still has minimum hook heighth,so that 'shouldn't' be needed.An old trick is boosting the hammer.Push foward on a cocked hammer and pull the trigger(EMPTY GUN OF COURSE).Do this about 10 times and it won't get much better without digging into it.
Shoot a gun with the Brown safety to see of you like and justify it.If the gun is blued,it will need refinishing.I still don't own tritium sights.I can still line up my gun with existing light and being able to see my target along with muscle memory.If it's too dark to see my target,I need to aquire it without a few glowing dots distracting me,and the gun is always where I'm looking in a high 'low ready'.
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Here are some thoughts for you to consider. Concerning the Bomar sights, Bomar does make tritium replacement blades, and I believe Wilson has them as well. Though these may be three dot vice bar-dot-bar. I do not have any experience with the Gunsight safety so I will let others that do make recommendations on that. For a replacement grip safety Wilson and Ed Brown make drop in safeties, so look at each of the web sites, though I think the Wilson will be the closer match as they offer a few different styles for the various frame cuts. I do agree for the best fit, a gunsmith installed safety will be best, as the drop in safeties may require some smoothing on the corners that rub your hand.

Before you have a trigger job done, make sure your pistol is properly worn in and that the trigger parts are lubricated. An out of the box pistol can get pretty dry inside. At your next range session I suggest you lock the slide back and look inside the ejection port into the magazine well. Along the back face of the mag well you will see the sear and disconnector, put a drop or two of good old fashioned gun oil on these parts. Next put a drop of oil on the frame rails and let them drip into the frame for a few seconds. Now cycle the frame a few times and close the slide. Put a drop of oil at the front of the ejection port on the barrel hood, and at the back of the hammer in the center. Now insert your loaded magazine and shoot as desired. Only repeat this lubrication process every 100 rounds for 500 rounds and do not clean your pistol until you have fired 500 rounds. Use a brand of ammo that will leave a lot of powder residue, like Federal American Eagle or Sellier & Bellot, as the residue will act as a mile buffing compound and aid the wear in process. Once you have done this you will have a better base of experience to decide if trigger work is really necessary.

I hope this helps.


The best handgun for self defense, is the one you have with you.
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