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Just got back home. Took 200 rounds of S&B 230gr. ball, 1 box of Golden Sabre 185gr. +P, 1 box of Fed. 165gr. Hydra-Shok.

Had no ftf with any of the loads, but 3 failures to fully extract: Always the last round in the mag, always the same mag (stock)... looks like I need a few Wilson's and CMC's, no biggie I was going to buy them anyway.

As far as accuracy: Let's just say I need practice

Shooting the FBI "Q" targets everything was in the white and roughly within 10 inches of center, but more like a pattern than a grouping. Would've liked to have tried some variable range shots, but they require shooters to send targets to the end of the range (25 yds.). At that distance the "Q" is a tiny little blur.

Overall impressions were great. The gun feels great to shoot, muzzle flip isn't too bad (the thing I was most worried about after owning an ultra-compact), reliability is good but will be better with new mags and accuracy is "acceptable" for now - I'm sure I'll bring the grouping in tighter with practice. In the mean time, should I see a vicious 2'x 3' bowling pin shape coming at me from 25 yds. I have no doubt I can at least get a spare!

Those of you who have noticed the "meat tenderizer" grips on the new loaded SA's will be happy to know that they're not that bad at all to shoot with. Basically a very secure grip and comfortable to shoot with for a 2 to 3 hour range session.

Definitely a keeper! I'll get new mags and more range time, then it'll be a ccw ready.

Many thanks to those of you who encouraged me to stick with the 1911 and the Springfield line when I was looking to buy a new pistol!


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