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First shot on a Colt or any 1911

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Since we discussed some interesting aquisition stories regarding Colts, what I am interested in is when you FIRST fired a Colt, or any 1911.

For me I had always wanted a 1911 Colt since I was about 15, my father was in vietnam, and he spoke very highly of the 1911, and he had me convinced. He never owned one because guns were not really his hobby, so I never shot one under his instruction since he passed away before I was old enough to buy one, and he had no desire to own a firearm....would rather spend $$ on model airplanes..LOL I finally convinced a friend to make the trip to a semi-local gun shop that had a range, and rented a VERY used 1991A1, and put about 100 rounds through it. I was hooked.
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When I first got into 'handgun' shooting it was with revolvers. My first 'handgun' was a S&W Model 10 in .38 Special. I had and shot that for quite awhile and was 'saving up' for a .357 Magnum! (At that time I liked to shoot, but wasn't yet a 'gun nut', and really didn't know much about guns).

My local dealer got in about 6 WWII vintage 1911A-1's, Ithacas and Reminton-Rands, all in excellent condition. I was in the store with a buddy and he immediately had to buy one (Rem-Rand). The price was right, so I threw down the credit card and became the owner of an Ithaca 1911A-1. We each bought 2 boxes of hardball. We went to the range and the rest is history....

My second 1911 was a Series 70 all steel Colt Commander... since then I've owned around 50 various 1911's. Don't plan to ever be without one. Right now I have a 1968 mfg Colt Govt, 1915 mfg Colt Commercial Govt, and a 1942 mfg Colt 1911A-1 frame with a Series 70 top end that does 1/2 time with a Colt .22 Conversion Unit.

It's a sickness for sure, that has no cure!!

Colt 1911: Best damn "Government" in the World!
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"Would rathe spend money on model airplanes" Hey, he must have been one hell of a guy. I spent many $$$ on model airplanes, the Radio Control variety. Got out since the kids limited too much of my spare time. Bought a lot of guns with the money I got for them though!
Yeah he was REAL big into the RC planes...he was one of the pople that heavily pioneered the diesel concept with Bob Davis....how does 20-30 minutes on a tank sound with NO glow plugs, and a .40 spinning a .60 prop faster than a .60 can
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I dunno. Musta been late '50s or early '60s. Been shootin' 'em ever since.-TR
I was nine years old and my Father was teaching me how to shoot. Good memory!
Same here. Went to the range with my dad at around age 10, shot a number of guns including his 1966 commercial. The only thing I remember was that the thing kicked back to where it was pointing straight upwards, and that I didn't hit a thing.

We brought along other goodies as well. I hated the M1 Garand and the 1917 Enfield though, as they hurt too much. Then I shot the Ruger .22 pistol (piece of cake, right?), except that I held it like a Charlie's Angel with my thumb across my shooting hand. I learned the bit about recoiling slides real quick!

D. Kamm
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Was my 13th summer, an uncle from Tx was visiting my grandfather's farm and while sitting on the porch the talk turned to guns. He walked to his truck and brought back a pair of 1911's, one plain and one with adjustable sights. A few minutes later I was unsteadly pointing the plain jane at a hay-filled grocery sack with a crayon 'X' that my Dad had writ on it, waiting for the big boom. I can't remember if I even hit the sack. But I loved the 'boom'. Still do.
I believe I was 6 years old when I first fired a 1911, a G.I. Colt, it was the first handgun I ever shot. The 1911 was the only auto pistol my father would completely trust. I'm glad he got me started early.
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