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First shots with first 1911

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I took my first 1911, a 9mm Springfield Garrison, to the range today; I field stripped, cleaned/oiled it the day before

I really enjoyed shooting it; the recoil is similar to my Beretta 92FS, much better than the PX4 Compact I've found so frustrating to shoot and difficult to rack - the Garrison is very easy

I used the Springfield magazine that came with the gun and a Wilson Combat magazine I'd purchased. Ammo was 115gr FMJ, Fiocchi

I need to work on my shooting fundamentals; I have a hard time seeing the front sight; I'm nearsighted and left-eye dominant and wear progressive lenses. I did get on paper, which I haven't been able to with the PX4 Compact, as I just don't handle the recoil very well

I did about 20 shots before the slide stuck and would not advance (I'm still a 1911 newbie, so please forgive me if I'm not using the correct terminology). I dumped the magazine, and attempted to rack the gun, but it would not rack. I pointed it in a safe direction, and got a Range Safety Officer - he could not rack my gun, either. Someone from the onsite gun shop came and with difficulty, got the slide to rack and the rounds to eject. He told me I needed to apply more oil (I had applied a light coating) and to use a firm grip.

I'm going to bring it to my gunshop/FFL/gunsmith and have him check it out for any mechanical issues. I figure it's part of "new gun issues"; I defintely want to keep shooting it!
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