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First shots with first 1911

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I took my first 1911, a 9mm Springfield Garrison, to the range today; I field stripped, cleaned/oiled it the day before

I really enjoyed shooting it; the recoil is similar to my Beretta 92FS, much better than the PX4 Compact I've found so frustrating to shoot and difficult to rack - the Garrison is very easy

I used the Springfield magazine that came with the gun and a Wilson Combat magazine I'd purchased. Ammo was 115gr FMJ, Fiocchi

I need to work on my shooting fundamentals; I have a hard time seeing the front sight; I'm nearsighted and left-eye dominant and wear progressive lenses. I did get on paper, which I haven't been able to with the PX4 Compact, as I just don't handle the recoil very well

I did about 20 shots before the slide stuck and would not advance (I'm still a 1911 newbie, so please forgive me if I'm not using the correct terminology). I dumped the magazine, and attempted to rack the gun, but it would not rack. I pointed it in a safe direction, and got a Range Safety Officer - he could not rack my gun, either. Someone from the onsite gun shop came and with difficulty, got the slide to rack and the rounds to eject. He told me I needed to apply more oil (I had applied a light coating) and to use a firm grip.

I'm going to bring it to my gunshop/FFL/gunsmith and have him check it out for any mechanical issues. I figure it's part of "new gun issues"; I defintely want to keep shooting it!
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WRT the slide being difficult to rack, if I'm reading your post correctly there was a round in the chamber or partly in the chamber. What cartridges were you using? It sounds like an out of spec cartridge was stuck in the chamber. If you did 20 rounds before it happened, it doesn't sound like a tight chamber... but I could be wrong. If you oiled the rails, it's unlikely that a lack of lube was your problem. I use high temperature wheel bearing grease on my 1911 rails and they all function fine.

WRT your eyesight and the front sight. I ordered a set of protective glasses from SSP Eyewear that have the corrective bifocal lens inset at the top of the lenses. That allows the shooter to keep their head in a normal position and not tilt up to use the bifocal lens. They have them in different diopter values. Mine are +1.25 and the set includes clear, smoke and amber lens that interchange on the frame. They offer different values, of course. They were in my mailbox within three days after ordering. sportsman
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