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First time out

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Last night I was able to make it to the range for the first time in a LONG time. Along for the trip was my new FN Hi-Power that I got from CDNN a few months back.

I have to be honest and say that when I shot it it was not what I was expecting. Nothing bad just the recoil was a bit snappier than I anticipated. Now this is a 9mm so it wasn't bad or anything just different I guess is the best way to put it. It may have also been that I had just finished shooting my .22 and hadn't been to the range in close to six months. After a few mags I was used it and having a blast. Accuracy was good. I only had the targets at about 20' but it was dead on.

There were no problems of any kind. Feed everything I put in it. I probably only shot 50-75 round with it as I only had 150 rounds for 3 different 9mm's. It feed JHP & RN just fine.

A question I have though is will the trigger smooth out & lighten up a bit with more use & rounds downrange? I'm not used to light triggers or anything but the FN's trigger was a bit heavy even for me and at present I don't necessarily want to get a trigger job done on it.

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last weekend i was able to pick up my browning hi power 9mm and get her out to the range. she also was snappier than i expected and the heavy trigger gave me a touch of control trouble. i had tried to lighten up the trigger with a good "polish the parts" job, but it looks like the mag disconnect is going to have to go (something considered but not done yet) to get that trigger where i really would like it.

basically loved everything about the gun except that trigger and that will be fixed shortly.

enjoy your new hi power and keep us posted on how she runs.

be safe, shoot well.
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