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Well, after much, much reading (thanks guys,,,and thanks Mr. Kuhnhausen), I finally took the plunge and did my first trigger job on my Para P14. Nothing major, just polished the internals per my reading, replaced the factory trigger with a long STI made Para match adjustable, and adjusted the sear spring a bit to bring down the pull a little.

I'm pleased with the results after the safety tests and dry firing.

The trigger fits better, no vertical or horizontal slop. The overtravel has been taken care of, it breaks a lot more crisp than before, and the pull weight is down a lot.

After taking it through its paced this weekend, I'm going to fix the one area that did get a little worse,,,,it has just a smidge more take-up than before, but I do have the adjustable trigger and will take that out eventually.

So far so good.

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