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Here is the process I used to get my Sig XO Revolution to fit in a Blackhawk SERPA for a 1911.

The main dimension that makes the Revolution series of pistols not fit the SERPA is the part of the slide that incapsulates the end of the recoil system. Removing this portion from the holster creates the fit for the Revolution. I came across this by accident while chopping down my government size SERPA to a commander length.

Now, the product literature that came with the SERPA makes it clear that the end user should not modify their holsters to fit a weapon to not designed to fit it. With that being said, if you do not feel comfortable doing this please don't. But, this mod does not effect the retention properties or systems of the holster or it's stability.

Step 1:

Cut the SERPA with a hack saw or band saw to a commander length, Taking about 1" off the holster.

Step 2:

File down the burrs off the cut edges of the holster and open up the end slightly past where the dust cover stops. Do this on both sides of the interior of the holster.

Check the fit and see where else you might need to file down any material. This is what you should end up with.

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