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Fitting a Mag. Release

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I have noticed that some very custom M1911's have a mag release that is not exactly flush with the frame on the right side.

Does anyone have a method of fitting the mag. release that will result in an even fit on the right side? (other than grinding down the frame)
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First thing I'd do is try a few different releases. These days, parts come in all sizes, SAAMi be damned, apparently.
Maybe if you can find someone who makes them oversize, and then, mill it so size.

The depth would be based on where the Mag Release Pin is located. Maybe, if you open the slot in the frame up, toward's the outside of the frame, you can move it out, if you're only looking to move it .010" or so...
Eagle's Law: Work on the cheapest part first! Who's part? Who's reciever? and who built a gun with that problem? Most people try to turn that mag catch screw out without pushing it out to the right spot first. This can mess up the little slot in the reciever that it rides in. I like to use Ed Browns Hex Head part. I've never really heard of this problem before. I always fit them to the gun like I do every other part. I wouldn't touch anything on the reciever for any reason unless there was no other way .
Dave, you asked:
Who's part? Who's reciever? and who built a gun with that problem? . . . . . I like to use Ed Browns Hex Head part.

Here is one that is not exactly flush. Its not really too bad looking, but as someone once said, "God is in the details". Looks like an Ed Browns Hex Head part. See http://www.1911forum.com/ubb/Forum8/HTML/001997.html

I am reworking a SA mil-spec for my brother and dropped in an Ed Brown mag release. It is not too bad looking, but it is below flush with the frame about .001". When you fit the MR, what do you do to make it flush?

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from Dick Heinie after someone commented on his stainless 9x23 Springfield.

"9.Mag release is below the Frame Surface? Yes it is, by .005.
The Shadow from lighting makes it look worse than it is. This
is an unaltered Ed Brown Tactical Mag Release. What should I
do? Weld up the Mag Release and remachine or Take .005 off
the Frame. I can do either if you are willing to pay."

Slo cat,
I happen to own the gun you referred to and owning many custom guns I couldn’t be happier with this one.
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