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Fitting full size slide to Commander frame

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I have seen 2 referances recently to putting a full size slide on a commander frame and one said that you would have to file the dust cover down to make it fit and the other said something similar but called it something else. What is a dust cover on a 1911? I always thought the Commander was a full size frame and just the barrel and slide were shorter.
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The dust cover is the part of the frame in front of the trigger, below the slide.
I will leave the fittment questions to the more knowledgible members of the group.:rock:
the Commander is a full size frame in retrospect that is have the same
grip length, but the upper part ( rails, dust cover ) are shorter .
the commander also operate's on a short cycle in the recoil system.
instead of trying to explain everything .

Here is a Couple of Pictures... ( worth a 1000 words )

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Thanks for the info

Thanks for taking the time to do this, do you have any idea of how much shorter the Commander frame is compared to full size?
OK here is what I can come up with...
the Commander is 3 7/16 "
the government is 3 1/2 " +may a 32nd over the 1/2 mark..
I dont not have my calipers handy by the computer..
and the tape measure well that is another story..

it should still be close to tell that there is about a 1/8 +/- "
between the frames...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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