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Fitting USGI 1911 Slide to Non-USGI Frame

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How hard is it to try using a complete USGI Upper with a Non-USGI Frame like a Springfield U-S GI 45?

I'm hoping the Slide is just a little dinged, and not bent, twisted or cracked.

Assuming it's got it's full USGI dimensions, fits reasonably tight...what else do I need to worry about besides the disconnector alignment and frame to slide fit?

I may need to add a firing pin, firing-pin spring and fp stop. I assume current Colt replacements should work?

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"all required light lapping with JB then semichrome."

That sounds very easily do-able, basically smoothing-polishing out the frame to slide fit.

My job would be the fitting of an old 1911 slide to a already broken-in Springfield GI Frame.

Sounds like maybe it'll work...maybe it won't.
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