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fixed blade fix

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I want another fixed blade or two or three to add to my collection,and wanted some opnoins,I have one strider and will eventually add another,but other than that being the obvious best choice,Im liking the tops,maybe their anaconda.The catagory would be 4 ,5,or6ish inch blade for all around camp,and or combat or both.Thanks for your opnions
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Browning #684 It's not big enough to concern other people feelings' but still gets the job done. I am Military so it blends in well with my uniform, bllack kydex clip on sheath and green micarta handles.

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For off the shelf and custom, you have many options

Off the shelf cheap production would be Ontario knives.

Better steel production would be Swamp Rat knives, Busse, Chris Reeve, Ranger knives. I have one of each. Swamp rat has a guarantee of whatever you want it to be. If you say it's broken, they'll replace or repair it.

Custom would be Trace Rinaldi in either 3V steel or S30V. Get ready for a year plus wait.

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