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Fixing up a plain-Jane gun

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1. Are Wilson parts the best for fixing up your 1911? Let's say I get a plane-Jane 1911 like a Colt 1991 or a Springy Milspec. Are Wilson parts the best for things like beavertail safety, skel hammer, etc.?

2. How do their complete pistols compare to Kimbers and Springys, are they worth the extra $500 or so? I'm really sore that my Kimber extractor doesn't even bite onto the shell casing.

3. On these plain-Jane pistols (1991, Springfield) are the sights removable?

4. I hear people saying to get a used Colt 1991, what's wrong with the new ones? What's a series 70, 80, etc.?

Thanks. I want to sell my Kimber and start from scratch.

Jeff More
Irvine, PRC
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1. Although Wilson parts are very good, there are also Ed Brown, Heine, Novak, and Caspian parts. Any of these are good, but it depends on personal preference.

4. Nothing is wrong with a new Colt. There is some debate (to put it mildly) about the nessecity of the extra firing pin block on the new (series 80) Colts. Series 70 (older) colts don't have the extra firing pin block.

I'll let someone else comment on Q's 2 and 3. Hope this helps.

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