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Whats the *BEST* flashlight out there. preferably concealable on my belt under a shirt and Where To Buy? My birthday is coming up any suggestions appreciated.
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If you're looking for a flashlight for concealed carry I highly recommend the Surefire 6P or 6Z. I see you're in Tacoma, take a ride up to Federal Way Guns they will probably have the best price locally.
Originally posted by A Johnston:
If you're looking for a flashlight for concealed carry I highly recommend the Surefire 6P or 6Z. I see you're in Tacoma, take a ride up to Federal Way Guns they will probably have the best price locally.

If you opt for the 3P or 6P a light carrier is more readily available from various holster makers... How do I know? I bought the 6Z.
Definitely the Surefire Z2 (which recently replaced the 6Z).
Thanks people. Hey Shane, any idea what the difference in light is from Z2 to my crappy maglight? I looked it up and it looks good but im just wondering.
The difference is night and day!

For concealed carry, the Surefire E2 is an attractive alternative. It is a trimmed down 6P with a pocket clip and improved grip surface. It is not as quite as good as the 6Z when shooting, though it will do, but it is a lot better for carrying.

If you are dressed for the field, and not worried about concealment in street clothes, the 6Z (now Z2) is my preference. For street carry, the E2. The light is the same with either one -- just great.
well KLN one thing is at this kinda price and me being a student i can only afford one. so i think im gonna get the 6z. i think i can hide it since i hide a full size 1911, plus if it does print oh well. "HE'S GOT A FLASHLIGHT!" That could really clear the mall! =]
Originally posted by Mus:
Thanks people. Hey Shane, any idea what the difference in light is from Z2 to my crappy maglight? I looked it up and it looks good but im just wondering.
You will not believe the difference. I always thought Maglites put out decent light, until I got my first Surefire a few years ago. I shone them both at a wall in a darkened room, and the difference is unbelievable.

The Surefire is a much more intense light, and VERY white. The Maglite is a yellowy-orange in comparison. The Maglight also has dark spots in the middle of it's beam. The Surefire produce perfectly brilliant beams, with no dark spots or uneven lighting patterns.

You will NOT regret spending your money on a Surefire. Again, I highly recommend a Z2 or an M2.


Hmmmm.....I just re-checked the website addy for Surefire, and that should be it - but the site appears to be down right now...???

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Another optionis the Streamlight Scorpion. Scorpions are popular with LEO and EMS personnel in our area, primarily because it's less expensive than the Sure-Fire. I have both, and I actially prefer the Scorpion.

They're about the same size as the Sure Fire 6P (barrel is 7/8" vs the Sure-fire's 1.0"), takes the same two 3v lithium battieries, and puts out about the same light as the standard Sure Fire (Sure-Fire does make a brighter front end for the 6P) The Scorpion's barrel is covered with a rubber sleeve for a non-slip grip with sweaty, shaking hands, and its momentary switch is also its permanent on-off switch; just push it in all the way to turn on or off. This takes a little more effort, and is difficult to do accidentally.

The Scorpion's biggest advantage is that it's less likely to be activated unintentionally. My first small tactical light was the Sure Fire 6R, and I learned right off that when the tail cap was adjusted just rightr for easy momentary switch use, it could be activated by SIDEWAYS pressure on the end cap, something that happens frequently when seated. Carrying lens-down further aggravates the problem. I once felt an extremely warm sensation on my hip while in the courtroom, and discovered that I had ruined had my kydex flashlight carried from Arizona Tactical Accessories, and drained the ni-cad battery in short order. Removing the extra barrel section and using 2 3v batteries, a la 6P, the problem was the same. Also, carrying the SureFire lens down, the tail cap tends to either tighten or loosen when getting in or out of a car. Carrying lens up is better, but not much; I went back to my Sure Fire when I got my new combo magazine/Sure Fire pouch from Rafter S, and I had it come onin the pouch. Seems like the sideways pressure of the car seat against the head of the light caused sideways pressure of the tail cap against the pouch, and it activated. (The latest incident AFTER I installed a newer model tail cap that wasn't supposed to let this happen.) My fix for the Sure Fire was to install a thin rubber o-ring jsut forward of the tail cap threads on the barrel, and now the tail cap won't go far enough forward to activate unintentionally, (or at all, for that matter) but the momentary switch will still work. While it won't screw in to activate accidentally, now it also doesn't UNscrew to where the momentary switch won't work, which it also used to do. Since I almost never use the permanent on-off feature, this causes me no trouble.

If you have trouble deciding which one to get, my advice is to get one of each, carry the one you like best as your primary, and keep the other for a spare.

Roger Shambaugh
Ottawa, Kansas
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OK been looking at them and cant decide Z2 or Z3. would i need the extra light?
Z3 is a bit more bulky - but not much. I would still recommend the Z2, which you can get an optional P61 lamp assy for. The P61 will double the light output of the standard P60 that comes with the Z2. Of course, this is at the expense of battery life. The P60 will run about 1 hour, the P61 about 20 minutes - but the light intensity is very good.
KS Lawman is correct about Surefire's sensitive button. Keep that in mind when making your decision, though I still prefer Surefire over Streamlight. BTW, my wife and I both have Surefires and used to play "games" in the darkened bedroom temporarily blinding each other with bursts of light. Ouch!
I got a 6Z with a Blade-Tech holster for it. Wear it all the time...I mean all the time. Works fine under a T-shirt in hot swealtering ETexas summers.

Got mine from Natchez Shooters Supply; 800-251-7839.
For those of you who have purchased a 6p (avail. before the 6z came out) and like the option of using either the Harries or the Rogers/cigar/whatever! technique, try placing one or two high quality, thick rubber bands around the barrel. It's a good substitute for the grommet on the 6z. I use the thick bands that come around asparagus from the local markets in my area.
Also, for a concealment 6p carrier, the one that Mas Ayoob sells at his policebookshelf.com is excellent. It carries the 6p horizontally instead of vertically, taking less room, less prone to jabbing you in the ribs, and is very quick to draw.
The Streamlights are by far the better value than Surefire. The Streamlight is more robust, cheaper,more reliable, about equally bright, and bulbs are cheaper. The Surefires are over priced, their bulbs burn out prematurely due to poor quality control, and they are somewhat fragile.

I have a Scorpion that has been dropped and kicked and still works. The bulbs cost $4 to replace compared to the $15 Surefire lamp assembly. My 6Ps have broke their lamp assemblies every time they were dropped on any surface other than carpet.

I dislike Surefire's arrogant attitude in their customer service dept. I have had 3 lamp assemblies prematurely burnout since 1997. Everytime I call Surefire its always " Its the first we have heard of the problem". I know several other people who have had similar problems with their Surefires.

Surefire always replaces the lamp assemblies free of charge, but I have no confidence in their products. I believe Surefire has failed to address this problem because for a long time they were the only game in town. My money now goes elsewhere.

The lights are for EMERGENCY situations they need to work right the first time.
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Had the 6P, too many problems with the light and the company. Some of the problems noted above.

Have two Scorpions, no failures, no problems, just good lights. Always one or two with me or in brief case. GLV
If price is a concern, you might want to consider the Surefire Nitrolon 8X. I've one due to arrive later today, having ordered it after a recommendation from one of the guys at Rangemasters. All in, all done, it cost me $48.00. I'll post something after I've had a chance to play with it a bit.

Steve "El Roto" G.
For what it's worth, I have three Surefires, my wife has one, and my mother and sister have one each. Each is nearly three years old. Mine have been in backpacks, waistbands, kitchen drawers, rolled around in automobile glove boxes, fallen off bedside tables onto hardwood floors. Never a breakdown or a problem. The LEO store I shop at also carries Streamlights, too, so that is obviously another good choice.
I'll have to throw my vote for the streamlight scorpion. Its a bit fatter than a 2 AA maglight, and throws a lot of light. The downside is short battery life ~60 minutes(it lives off Lithium camera batteries)

I usually keep the scorpion as a backup for my 3 D-cell maglight.

-Electric Armadillo-
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