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last month I bought a Lee Pro Auto-disk powder measure to see if they finally have produced a "WP proof" powder measure.

I see no accuracy improvement, but there's no longer any danger of cracking the hopper tightening those wood screws that hold everything together. The change in how the hopper attaches is the only reason I bought it, but the additional capacity is not to be ignored.

I have little use for the new shutoff feature as I just pick up the entire turret to dump powder back into the can.

I believe this measure (or the earlier versions) is a perfect match to the turret press since all that turret movement seems to settle the powder really well, resulting in very consistent charges.

At any rate, I believe the higher asking price for this newer measure is money well spent. It's also nice not to have to look for a screwdriver when I want to change disks.
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