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The 1911 forum since the removal of some known trouble makers has once again become a information exchange sight on the topic of the most popular pitol of all time.There seems to be no bickering or trashing of names,and for this we have ArmySon to thank for.I was recently looking at the pistolsmith sight and guess what there at it again this time there trying to victomize one of the best pistolsmith's of our time Larry Vickers.I look at this sight like I look at a tabloid magazine while waiting at the checkstand,"You got to be kidding me"?.I am greatfull for 1911forum and the fact that truly unproffessional people are no longer here. Once again Son, Thanks OCG1911
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It's not just me that helped this site grow! The other staff member work very diligently to provide the best service possible.

Lastly, along with the members, the professionals that post here, such as yourself, Pete, Larry, Chuck, Hunter, SDM, etc etc, provide the forum members with valuable insight on the art of smithing and shooting. For that, we will always be greatful.
I jumped over to the site you indicated and read the posts. My only comment is that, indeed, Cameron Hopkins often seems to base his opinions on products and services on how the supplier treats him. He led a crusade against Clark 1911 barrels and, as I recall, Witchita sights some years ago that seemed to border on vindictive. I will admit however, that he gets a lot more exposure to a lot more products than me or most of us. Still, and this is no reflection on Larry Vickers, Hopkins' credibility with me is low. At the very least, even though we will assume he paid full price for the gun since he named the price, it showed poor judgement for him to review a gun commissioned and built for himself. This is what in any other venue would be called a conflict of interest.

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Ned, Very well said my friend..I think Hopkins unknownly did Larry more harm than good by some of his comments. Larry didn't deserve that.

Alessi Holsters, Inc.
You'll never know it's there, until you need it.
I agree with Mr Alessi in regards to the Larry Vickers incident. I even chimed in my two cents, but the church of Kimber condemned me as a heretic!
And ordered my execution!

Which I am. My Paras are every bit as accurate as a Kimber, plus I'm toting plenty more rounds. Sure their frame finish sux, but hey that's a better reason to get hard chroming done!

I believe that both this site and pistolsmith.com offers a wealth of info for the 1911 aficionado.

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