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I have been having FTF issues with a new 1911 I recently built. I examined all of the usual suspects, but the real cause was somewhat sneaky.

My ejector was too long. I had fitted an extended ejector and when I profiled it, I left it too long. The leading edge on the bottom was jamming into the rim of the case, forcing it up into the back of the mag.

It wasn't enough to feel when the mag was seated, but it was enough to cause the first or second round to FTF. Since it wasn't happening on all my mags, It took me a while to get a handle on it.

I was competing with the pistol last Saturday and was blowing each stage with one or more FTF issues. It wasn't until I tried to extract a full magazine -- and was unable to, that I looked closely at the ejector and noticed the problem.

A couple of passes with a file remedied the situation. I also had somehow broken the flange off one of my 10 round mags (the 'L' that locks the mag in the release) and was jamming that particular mag way high in the frame.

Needless to say, it is an easy area to overlook when you are searching for a clue as to why you are getting FTF problems.
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