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I have decided I want to change the 2 tone look of my CDP. I want to change the frame from black to silver. What are my options? Sent it to Kimber to have them anodize the frame silver or send it somewhere else to have it anodized. What about a matt finish hard chrome? Any suggestions?

(who is waiting for his wilson plastic mag followers to arrive)

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I'm not a fan of two tone pistols, but the pistol "don't care." If the finish were worn off to the point of being offensive I'd consider refinishing it, but I've yet to be offended by the finish on any of my tools.

If you're looking for a color match like a custom all stainless steel pistol you may not find it. Even if you have the whole pistol factory refinished. My experience with a pair of mono-tone Stainless Ultra Carry II pistols indicates the slide and frame finishes still don't match exactly, although they're closer than the CDP.

I had a CDP Compact for a while. Flawless operation, accurate, handy weight but several nagging items I didn't like at all such as the overly melted finish (making the slide serrations harder to grasp with wet hands), unnecessary thumb lever on the other side of the pistol, and sharp checkering. I could have dealt with the two tone finish, though, had the other items not been there.

I'd put the money in better sights, grips, or as down payment for a good 3 day pistol course.

Two different "matching finish" Kimbers:

-- Chuck
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