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Frank Garcia 3-day Pistol/M-4 Tactical Operator Course - Frostproof, FL

Frank Garcia (Universal Tactical Academy) 3-day Tactical Operator Pistol/M-4 High Performance Shooting Course

Frank Garcia / Universal Tactical Academy

Frank Garcia Bio:

From March 2004 until October 2007 Frank Garcia has been working as a Department of Defense Security contractor in Baghdad Iraq. He was the Team Lead for the Counter Terrorist Special Operations Force (CTSOF) Iraq Mentor / Instructor program. He was responsible for the Crises Response Training (CRT) of the Iraqi Emergency Response Unit (ERU), a national level, high-end, rapid response law enforcement tactical unit responsible for high-risk arrest, hostage rescue and explosive ordnance disposal. The ERU has conducted a number of successful missions on national level anti-Iraqi force targets, provided support to other Iraqi Ministry of Interior forces, participated in combat operations in Fallujah, Mosul, and other ongoing counterinsurgency operations. Mr. Garcia was an original member of the core of hand selected Training Cadre that started the ERU/CRT.

During his time in Iraq Mr. Garcia

* Instructed ERU members in advanced pistol, rifle, and Close Quarters Combat.
* Developed firearms training P.O.I.s for CRT, ERU, and SWAT.
* Trained and instructed US military personnel in advanced pistol.
* Trained and evaluated U.S. instructors for the SWAT program.
* Volunteered and conducted numerous Protective Service Details and Motorcade operations for High Ranking US officials.
* Managed Physical Site Security checks of incoming and outgoing candidates for the ERU.
* Assisted Tier One Protective Service Training Units that are now responsible for the protection of Iraq’s Government Leaders.

Since 1992 Mr. Garcia has been Providing Advanced Marksmanship and High-Performance Shooting instruction to the highest echelon, Tier 1 Law Enforcement and Special Operations Forces engaged in Combating Terrorism. Some of the organizations trained include:

* U.S. Army Special Operations Units
* U.S. Army Special Forces
* U.S. Navy Special Operations Units
* U.S. Navy SEALs
* U.S. Marine Corps, High Risk Personnel Instructors
* United States Army Marksmanship Unit
* DEA/FBI firearms Training Unit.
* Federal Air Marshal Instructors
* U.S. Border Patrol
* U.S. Marshal
* Federal Capitol Police
* Italian Counter Terrorist Unit (NOCS)
* Numerous Police, SWAT, and Special Police Units

Mr. Garcia has received numerous Letters of Commendation from different organizations to include:

* Letter of Commendation from U.S. Navy SEAL Special Warfare 2001
* Letter of Commendation from U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit 2003
* Letter of Commendation from DEA/FBI Academy Quantico, VA 2000
* Letter of Commendation from U.S. Army 7th Special Forces SFAUC Committee

Frank Garcia is an International and U.S. Champion Grandmaster Pro.

* Awards, Recognition, Honors
* U.S. IPSC National Champion Pistol
* U.S. IPSC National Shoot-off Champion Pistol
* North American IPSC Champion Pistol
* European IPSC Champion Pistol
* South American IPSC Champion Pistol
* World IPSC Champion Pistol
* World IPSC Shoot-off Champion Pistol
* World IPSC Team Champions , United States of America, Champion Team Member
* 5 time U.S. Area 6 Champion
* 3 time U.S. Area 8 Champion
* 2 time U.S. Area 7 Champion
* North American 3-Gun Tactical Championship Top 10

Grey Group Training:

Frank Garcia (Universal Tactical Academy) 3-day Tactical Operator Pistol/M-4 High Performance Shooting Course

This course was originally designed for Military Spec Ops and SWAT operators. Paper, steel, man on man, high speed drills, moving targets, shooting on the move, awkward shooting positions, barricade shooting, shooting from windows. at the conclusion of this course you will receive a personalized evaluation by Mr. Garcia and drills made specifically for you to improve in your training after the course. This course focuses on increasing your speed, accuracy, and consistency in high performance shooting. This course will take you to the next level.

- Instructor: Frank Garcia

- Class dates: Feb 26-28, Mar 2-4, Mar 5-7, 2010.

- Cost: $750

- Location: Frostproof, Florida

- Range Facilities:

- Travel Info:

- Class size: Maximum twelve students

Required Equipment:

The following equipment list is the minimal gear required for attendance at a Universal Tactical Shooting Course. Limited loaner pistols, with holster rigs, may be rented for $20.00 per day. Please advise.

* Gun Particular to your course
* Magazines 4 required, extra magazines are recommended
* Belt Suitable to hold holster and magazines
* Holster Tactical leg, Duty belt type, or concealed
* Magazine pouches High capacity or single stack
* Eye Protection Ballistic Wrap-around required.
* Ear Protection Earmuffs, Electronic, or squeeze types are mandatory.
* Slings Recommended for all Carbine and Shotgun courses.
* Ammunition Required - 2000rds pistol - 800rds carbine

If you are interested in attending this class please use this link to the Grey Group Training sign-up page:

If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact me;
[email protected]
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