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Had a bit of relief from the work load and the weather this afternoon and got to the range. Had new slim grips on the Ed Brown, some new loads for the S&W952 and a couple hours all alone in the sunshine.

I'm not sure about the slim grips. They feel good. Didn't notice that much difference in the way I was handling the gun, but groups were disappointing.

I thought maybe rusty and some trouble with the right shoulder.

The 952 ran well and groups were acceptable, but still not the ideal load. I'm fiddling around with some 147 gr lead flat nose bullets. I'm going to load up some Hornady action pistol with a load that I know works and see where that goes.

I had run about 250 through the Brown and over 300 through the 952 and BHP together and was going to leave. Had cleaned up and put the stuff away. It was getting cold and I was tired. The Les Baer PII called to me. I had about 150 rounds left.

I love that gun. I put three mags into a 6" circle at 25 yds off hand, Most of them in a 3" circle in the middle. The EGW fiber optic sight is bright, but small enough for good target work. The HiViz on the BHP is too big for precise shooting at any distance, but ideal for speed steel.

Not all the other strings were that tight. I ran a bunch off at the 5 steel plates I had set up since I have been using the Baer for speed steel as well. I'm not quite sure what it is but I shoot the Baer better day in and day out.

I'm detail stripping the 1911s this weekend.
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