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Friends at Montrose 2001

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Now for my favorite photos. These are friends who were at Montrose that I look forward to seeing each year. They live so far away this is about the only time I get to see them.

Here we see Harold Harms, a local Montrose shooter who can show you how to "hose" using a single action wheelgun. Harold took 1st place in the Cowboy (single action) squad. Once again Harold leads the way for the S/A shooters. Harold is also a sponser of the STI/American Handgunner event. He supplies the liquid refreshment after the shooters meeting on Wednesday night and the steak fry on Saturday.

Here are a bunch of die hard pin shooters who, in desperation, came all the way from Michigan and Pennsylvania so they could shoot at steel cutouts of bowling pins. By the way, I don't want to leave out the great state of Texas. The second guy on the right is the world famous (?) Bobby Carver of Glock fame. Any of you GSSF shooters need to keep an eye on this guy. He can teach you a lot.

Here we see the Louisiana shooters, Jerry and Kay Miculek, of Clark Custom Guns, Gary and Barb Thibodaux of GAT bullets, discussing the weeks events with a pair of Second Chance shooters, Dave and Loraine Wheeler, owners of the Blue Steel Ranch in New Mexico.

Last but not least are Brian Smith of Tennesee and Bobby Carver (now of Lubbock, Texas) planning their next match.
I'll post a few more photos later. Till then---

KEEP SHOOTIN' PINMAN www.bcarmory.com
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