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Great post George,

here it is from a customers view point. There are many things beyond the actual work that matter to us.

1. Honesty. This means admiting when you have screwed up. When you miss a deadline for completion tell us. Don't wait for us to call you and ask about in two weeks. No customer will react badly to a call that says: Hey dude sorry but I got to tell ya I forgot to order your part. Its my fault and I will do it as soon as I hang up but its going to slow us down a week or so.

2. Watch how you add up your labor charges.
Look you have to make a living. And you are all super skilled at what you do and we the end user can not do what you do we need you!
BUT..... If your doing several things to a customers gun that overlap in labor becareful not to charge twice on the same invoice for labor done once. Even though it was two jobs. We notice these things.
3.Make positive suggestions about things we may have forgotten to ask you for. If you notice something that should be done call us and mention it. We will be greatful.
4. Turn down work that you have no intention of doing...can't do justice to.. or will not be able to get to this century.
5. I see a lot of posts here about E-mail. Learn to use if effectively. You have no choice. Its here...its not going away... its the future. Your customer base will be begining to expect it. Its a tool for us to document your promises and for you to document our requests. We can hold each other accountible with E-mail trails. If we as customers or you as Smiths are uncomfortable with this level of accountibility then we had better re-evaluate our basic integrity.
5. Shipping. Ship it when you say your going to or call us ( E-mail ) is fine. Provide us with the tracking number so we can follow it as it makes its way home.
6. Pamplets or Adobe PDF e-mail documents. Publish explaintions with pictures of your techniques. We can not dupicate your skill or talent but we can UNDERSTAND. Then watch, we will be happy to pay for your services if we understand what you have done and how much goes into it. Also we like to brag and talk among ourselves about our guns. Do you know how much fun I am going to have at the next plate match talking about how George fixed my sloppy old colt up?! His explanations were VALUE added to me.
7. Followup with a E-mail or a call to someone that has purchased a expensive gun or a had a lot of work done. Create a computer based tickle file that will generate
a reminder.

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