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From a newbie-difference btwn Parkerize & Blue

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Sorry peeps,

What is the difference between the two?


I wonder if guns are like guitars. Should a $2000 Custom make me shoot better compared to a $500 import?

I can play my $300 Jap guitar just as well as my $2000 Les Paul Custom.
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Blueing is an oxide finish, similar to ferrous oxide (rust), except that it actually protects the metal instead of eating at it. That is why bluing rusts so easy, as the chemical conversion to ferrous oxide happens fast when moisture is present.

Parkerizing is a phosphate coating that protects the metal by way of absorbing oil. Dry parkerizing isn't much more rust-resistant than blueing, but once you've coated the surface with oil and allowed it to set in the rust resistance is many times better.

Black parkerizing (manganeze phosphate) and simple matte blueing looks very similar. Colt's M1991A1 was offered in a black parkerized finish at first, then a few years into manufacture they switched to matte blue without the majority of the buying public even noticing.

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