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Hi Dump1567, I had the exact same problem as you with my new SA Loaded! I called SA and they said send it to them and they will fix it. I sent it to them and they installed a shorter front sight and enclosed their test target with it apon return! It shoots POA-POI now and is fine. However after talking to some gunsmiths I have found out that Novak has a rear sight that is made for the 3" to 3.5" brl. pistols which is .050" taller than the ones that come on our loaded models and they work fine also. When I was purchasing my loaded model I do remember compairing the rear sight on it to the rear Novak on the TRP at the store and the TRP rear sight was taller!!!
Call SA, they will make it right!!
jungle is right in that it is a common thing for alot of loaded and mil-spec SA's to shoot low.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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