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Full Length Guide Rods

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What are the benfits of a full length guide rod in a 1911 style pistol, 4" or 5" barrel? Looking at the design, from a mechanical point of view, it seems the guide rod will help control the spring during compression or axial stability. But then, Mr. Browning did not design the pistol that way.


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EXCUSE ME for asking the question!

I did not mean to upset you.


My appologies also for the quick come back, I had a long day and the range is closed due to flooding.

I should have reviewed the topics list first before I asked the question. Having been on the Forum for some time now, I look at it everyday, I have not seen the question concerning FLGR, at least in the areas that I have looked. The reason I asked the question is I have a RRA Standard Match on order and when I discussd with RRA the question of FLGR came up. Their top of the line guns have them and I have put an Ed Brown (had to modify to fit) on my Springfield Champion-very few FLGR's out there for a 3.9" BBL. From a mechanical point of view I can see where a FLGR would help, keeping the spring compression in an axial position, but does this really matter because the compression cycle of the spring is captured in the pistol and cannot go anywhere.


1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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