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Full Length Guide Rods

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What are the benfits of a full length guide rod in a 1911 style pistol, 4" or 5" barrel? Looking at the design, from a mechanical point of view, it seems the guide rod will help control the spring during compression or axial stability. But then, Mr. Browning did not design the pistol that way.


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Okay, I will bite. If kbear38S is going to make such a definitive claim without presenting any information to support it, I have to hear more about the topic. Maybe kbear38S or some other "enlightened" member can tell me how a FLGR would get me killed.

This sounds almost as hysterical as a thread posted a few month back (either here or on 1911forum, I think) that using your sights will get you killed.
Sure, we could add many new topics since they keep coming up time and time again.

There would be the topics of
Cocked and Locked Safe to Carry
Guide rod lengths
9 mm versus .45
ball verus hollow point and EFMJ
pros and cons of night sights
pros and cons of flashlight types and uses
poundage of trigger pull
when to clean and when to detail strip
the Magazine topic would have to have a subtopic on 7 versus 8 rounders
Whining on gun shops, gunsmiths, and slow custom gun makers
Other features topics such as Ambi safeties, front cocking serrations, checkering or other modification to front straps etc.

I am sure there are more, but these topics keep coming up again and again like an ugly ex-spouse who is out of jail and is stalking us!
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1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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