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Full Length Guide Rods

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What are the benfits of a full length guide rod in a 1911 style pistol, 4" or 5" barrel? Looking at the design, from a mechanical point of view, it seems the guide rod will help control the spring during compression or axial stability. But then, Mr. Browning did not design the pistol that way.


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The topic has been beaten, supposedly, to death several times. Apparently not. Here is one of them:

Moderators: Besides banning the WTB/WTS guns topic, I guess FLGR should be next
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77Bronc, my apology if my words sounded so offending. I only meant to point out the sample previous topic where its contents kept going on and on without ending in sight.

Also, my comment was meant to be funny (note the smile legend.) Thks.
It's time to get out of the closet. I'm one of those who has both FLGR and shock buff in my 1911s. At least FLGR stops the annoying squeaky noise of the compressing spring when I rack the slide.

I've already told my wife to file a lawsuit against FLGR manufacturers if I happened to get killed when using my 1911s.
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