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Full Length Guide Rods

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What are the benfits of a full length guide rod in a 1911 style pistol, 4" or 5" barrel? Looking at the design, from a mechanical point of view, it seems the guide rod will help control the spring during compression or axial stability. But then, Mr. Browning did not design the pistol that way.


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Originally posted by kbear38S:

Yes it is and I am not one of the enlightened individuals who believe a full length guide rod will get you killed or make my gunsmith rich.

I guess I forgot to put a smiley with my original post.
Whew, I was just getting ready to dump a can of whuupazz on you. Glad you clarified that that was humor.

I think I have archived all of these FLGR thingies for you reading pleasure.


Don't be offended, it is an inside joke that way too much time is devoted to FLGRs. You can probably add "magazines" and "plastic triggers" and "Kimber vs Colt" and "series 80 safety parts" to that list.

carry on
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