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Funny thing overheard at the gun range...

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I live and shot in NYC and on Saturday a married couple was asking about buying a gun. I have lived in NYC (17 years) long enough to spot a NYC democrat and these two fit the bill. Well, you should have heard their reaction when told that they would have to wait 9 to 12 months to get the permit that would allow to purchase a gun. The woman actually asked whoes rule that was. Wonder if they thought about that when they voted last time. I only hope they think about it next election time. The range manager told me that people applying for guns is way up and he gets that response alot. That couple still looked at my NRA hat with a funny look on their way out.

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Hawaii is the worst. You have to apply for a firearms permit and get fingerprinted and background checked just to buy a longarm, and the permit must be renewed every year. It involves at least 2 trips to the police station (only the main station) during very limited weekday only hours. Then you have to register every longarm within 2, or 3, or 10 days (no one can decide). For pistols, you have to pick out the SPECIFIC pistol and apply for a 1 time permit to buy that one gun. Wait 2 weeks (why, no one is sure), go back to the police station and pick up the permit, then you have 2 weeks to buy the gun or you have to start over. Then return with the gun and register it. Takes 3 in person visits to the police station. The seller has to report the sale and they do check up on you eventually. I bought a 22 rifle at a gun show from a private seller and never registered it because I couldn't get the time off and was, THANK GOD, getting PCSed out of there. It took them 3 months to call me and ask why I didn't register the rifle, but by then it was shipped off to TEXAS (Hell Yeah!!!) and away from them. Even though I had the longarm permit with the background check, and the seller informed them of the sale, they still wanted me to register it in person. Talk about a prison state!! I did buy a CMP Garand and got it mailed directly to me, so I'm not sure if they would have ever known about it if I didn't register it (but I did). I was quite popular, since I would drop by to register 3-4 guns at a time over the first few months in Hawaii.
North Carolina isn't as bad. You have to apply for handgun permits in person, but you can get as many as you want and they are good for 5 years. Only cost $5 each too. I still have a couple, but since I moved to Texas, I probably can't use them. The permit lets you buy a longarm on the spot (they just need a copy) and a pistol without any NCIS crap.
Now I am in Texas but have not bought a gun yet. I'm getting my C&R license and a CCW once I have enough time in-state. I think the CCW lets you buy on the spot without a NCIS check as well. Lets hope so.
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