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Funny thing overheard at the gun range...

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I live and shot in NYC and on Saturday a married couple was asking about buying a gun. I have lived in NYC (17 years) long enough to spot a NYC democrat and these two fit the bill. Well, you should have heard their reaction when told that they would have to wait 9 to 12 months to get the permit that would allow to purchase a gun. The woman actually asked whoes rule that was. Wonder if they thought about that when they voted last time. I only hope they think about it next election time. The range manager told me that people applying for guns is way up and he gets that response alot. That couple still looked at my NRA hat with a funny look on their way out.

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GI-45 - you would not believe the process here. It is not really hard as it is time consuming and frustrating. Yet, when I went to police headquaters for my interview it seemed like I was the only person in the city without a gun and it looked like the bar scene from Star Wars - there shop owners who did not even speak english getting Premise Permits for their stores. I actually over heard the following quote being told to one barely english speaking shop owner: "Just because you have a gun you are not allowed to just shoot someone". Mind you, this was a long time ago when Koch was the mayor.

But my real point is - it is about time that we realize things like restrictive guns exist to make citizens cowards and sheep and keep pouring tax dollars into government because they know better. My .45 gives a much better warm and fuzzy feeling then the fact that I have Hillary looking out for me.
that is how nyc is. they just keep the frustration going with the hope you give up. when i got permit in '90, they changed my 'case officer' three times and each time they had my start the process from scratch. the only justice was about a year or two ago the whole permit division was shook up because of -surprise-corruption. my funniest experience was the the police officer doing the mandatory inspection of my HKP7 was convinced it was an HKMP5 (which was on some no-no list). that was frustrating afternoon, but funny.

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