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Funny thing overheard at the gun range...

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I live and shot in NYC and on Saturday a married couple was asking about buying a gun. I have lived in NYC (17 years) long enough to spot a NYC democrat and these two fit the bill. Well, you should have heard their reaction when told that they would have to wait 9 to 12 months to get the permit that would allow to purchase a gun. The woman actually asked whoes rule that was. Wonder if they thought about that when they voted last time. I only hope they think about it next election time. The range manager told me that people applying for guns is way up and he gets that response alot. That couple still looked at my NRA hat with a funny look on their way out.

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Originally posted by Merlin7878:
Ya might wanna consider Florida. Last I checked the CCW cost was $10, and only took a short time. Besides that, purchases at shops are/were "cash and go".
$10??? Must have been a long time ago... I got mine from FL last year, cost me much more...

Currently, it's up to $117 for the App Fee, plus whatever it may cost you to get Printed and Photographed...

For more info on all the States concerning Carry Permit's and Local Laws, you can check here ~ http://www.packing.org/

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Originally posted by SRF37:
I was speaking with a collector with a NY State dealers permit a couple of months ago. If I understood him correctly, the permit to purchase a handgun is roughly equivalent to a carry permit, therefore the loooooooong waiting period.
IIRC, you misunderstood him... NYC is rather unique...

You must apply for a Permit to Possess (purchase as well).

They will issue Permit's for Premises, and certain "Carry" situations.

IIRC, you must have either to Transport the gun to your home, or to the Range to practice, but a Permise permit does not permit you keep it anywhere other than the address it was issued to, the Premise permit only covers that address.

For more info related to NYC, you can read this link ~ http://www.ci.nyc.ny.us/html/nypd/html/dclm/ldinfo.html

Here in the PRK, it's not quite as bad, although THAT is changing... They recently signed into law the latest... A requirement to establish a new Testing and Licensing process that won't do squat to make us safer, just make it harder for some to buy a gun.

At this time, only 629 different models of New handguns are approved for sale here ( http://caag.state.ca.us/firearms/certlist.htm ), and NO Semi-Auto rifles with "evil features" are allowed to be bought or sold legally by 99% of the residents.

I am still planning to move to UT, a Class 3, "Gun free" state, that while it may not be the best Western state in terms of laws, ranks as one of the better ones. AZ and NV are high on the list as well, but they are slowly capitulating to the Liberal transplants, much like OR, and WA has. ID still tops the list, IMHO, but UT remains close.

With a Valid UT CCW, there's no waiting for any purchase, and their CCW is relatively easy to get, even for Non-Residents. Definately much better than any of the other previously mentioned states.

I have been hearing a lot of complaints around here from the Socialist Left as well, as they learn that the "Sane Gun Laws" they supported have now prevented them from buying a weapon to protect themselves with, in light of the continued Terrorists Threats.

These same people had complained about how "Easy" it was for people to get guns, convinced at what the Lawmakers, and the Media portrayed as a problem, but have since learned through personal experience that those "Loopholes" never really existed, and their sense of safety is put on hold for 10 days while they suffer through a waiting period, after taking the BFSC test that many fail the first time through.

On average, many have taken at least 14 days to process, and take their new aquisition home, some have had to wait even longer, after finding minor unresolved infractions returned from DMV against their Drivers Licenses.

Roscoe, I hope you're right, but here more than anywhere, I am afraid they will have simply hit the Snooze Button.

Much as I hate to say it, I would like to see a Major Threat or Attack hit this area, or Los Angeles, and get the Sheep really in fear for their safety, and lives. Only then may they begin to awaken to the Reality they have, and in some cases, continue to support through our Legislators.
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