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Funny thing overheard at the gun range...

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I live and shot in NYC and on Saturday a married couple was asking about buying a gun. I have lived in NYC (17 years) long enough to spot a NYC democrat and these two fit the bill. Well, you should have heard their reaction when told that they would have to wait 9 to 12 months to get the permit that would allow to purchase a gun. The woman actually asked whoes rule that was. Wonder if they thought about that when they voted last time. I only hope they think about it next election time. The range manager told me that people applying for guns is way up and he gets that response alot. That couple still looked at my NRA hat with a funny look on their way out.

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New Hampshire- Show up, pay your money, do the NICS, go home with gun.
Amen to that!

What really separates New Hampshire from all of the other "northern" or New England states is that NH is still an unapologetically conservative stronghold in most places. Small government and less restriction of personal freedoms is the rule -- not the exception. Add the fact that there is no income tax AND no sales tax, and a guy can actually afford to go out and but a gun every once in a while, too.

Of course, things have been changing a bit as all of the "Massholes" have moved north in droves (to escape their own liberal utopia), but it is still as good as you are ever likely to do north of the Mason-Dixon. (Vermont may sound good, based upon their tolerance of the 2nd Amendment, but the overwhelming political tone there is about 180 degrees out from the average guy on this board.)

Does anyone know of another state with the guts to put something like "LIVE FREE OR DIE" on their license plates??

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