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I hated the FO front and LPA rear since the day one.
I donno why people even pays to get FO front and adjustable rear on the pistol. FO is useless in might, and unless you have dedicated target gun, I feel adjustable sight is pointless.
Anyway, since I bought my 10mm to be used as hiking/camping gun, I needed something that's fast, and tritium for day and night use.
So I went ahead and ordered .180" RIA cut front sight with Tritium, and .153" wide "U" notch rear sight(have similar setup for my carry gun, and extremely pleased with the set up).
So they showed up today.

And It was not drop in.
I guess that was to be expected...
But it wasn't that hard at all to get it to fit.

Took few min to get it to start...

file more(on the sight, not the slide)...

And done!

There are no gap under the sight base, but there are slight gap under the sight itself. I may fill that with something like thin copper sheet or something in the future, but will see.
It took me about 30min to finish the front. :rock:

The rear, on the other side, was entirely different story. :mad:
No matter what I do, rear LPA would not come out.
I banged away, heated it, cussed at it, ditched brass punch and used my steel punch, and BFH. Nothing.
After struggled with it for almost 2 hours, Im sad to report that it had to be destroyed to get it out...:bawling:
(I was planning to re-use these sights on my wife's 9mm tactical, but guess not now...)

Cleaned it up.
LPA was - I don't know if its only on mine - white on the bottom. No blue or packetized at all. which caused it to rust. Mix that with Red Loctite, and rather under cut sight cut made it basically fuse itself to a slide.

Thought about reusing some tactical sight off of my CS I had for a moment(as it was drop in fit)...

Moving on. Rear U notch is straight Novak cut. There was post someone made a while back that RIA rear is now 495x65deg, which is Novak cut.
well, it isn't.
Not mine anyway. May be newer one?(My 10mm was built on07/01/13)
So whip out my triangle file, crack open the cold one, set the Youtube to continues Rammstein, and I went to work.

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...Continue(10image limit)

Got it to start(took about 45min to this point)

2 more beer later...

Another beer later(and I had to switch to soda. Need to buy another case tomorrow I guess). Almost there:rock:

And its in(about 2 hours after I started.)

And cleaned/re-blue the sight cut, Loctited, and good to go

She is ready for test shoot sometime this week:rock:

-Fusion's RIA cut is NOT drop in in anyway. You WILL need to do some fitting.
But its not that hard. Its much more time consuming to remove the original sight then fitting the new one.
-Rear - I don't care what peeps say. They are not Novak cut. It took a while. But its straight shot. Just get 60degree triangular files, and take your time.
File little, test fit, and file again.
-RIA sights are installed with red Loctite. No amount of banging is gonna make it come out, unless you break the bond first.
I used little pencil type Butan torch. Just did not work for rear in my case. Worked great on front tho
-Fusion front sight comes with retaining pin. I didn't use it, because I don't have drill bit that small. But I think I'm gonna find out the drill bit, and drill it for the pin(once I sight the weapon in, that is).
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