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Recently acquired a G-Code Model GH1111 Paddle Holster for a SA Champion.

Fit is precise. Tension-adjust screw is provided, and it works. Gun retention is excellent. Pants/Holster retention is excellent. This is one holster that I'm confident would retain the gun if I fell.

For a paddle holster, I was surprised at the concealability this holster provides. It rides high and tight, with the muzzle only 3.5" below the top of my belt. Concealment is good with only an untucked t-shirt.

The holster completely shields the gun from the body. No worries about sweat, sight-rubbing or inadvertently switching the thumb safety to condition zero by body contact.

The holster comes with vertical-carry no-tilt paddle, but my preference is for the optional GA0003 15-degree paddle for behind-the-hip carry. Paddles can be simply exchanged with 2 screws.

An accessory adaptor (GA0004) is available to adjust carry height up to 1.5" in .5" increments.

While the high-carry helps concealment, I'd recommend a good 1.5" belt to support the rig, since it tends to be top-heavy and would tend to flop a bit with only a dress belt.

This paddle holster is miles ahead of most paddle-holster designs in terms of fit, gun/body-shield and high-ride concealment.
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