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OK, so I understand that a user has to post 45 time before they can post items in GAFS. It's a very clear and objective rule. I also get that we we don't want it to be a commercial forum. Fair enough.

What I don''t get is the recent "GAFS abuse" locks because a member is not active enough. If there are new rules for posting in GAFS (maybe I should re-read the stickies), I think they should be transparent, objective, specific, and fair. Is 5 posts per month in other forums enough to cover the privilege of posting in GAFS? 2 posts? A set ratio? In any case, it should be clear. FWIW, using words like "deemed" seems (to me) very "high and mighty", or even "haughty". I'm sure that is not the intent of the moderators (and I would prefer not to be "deemed" an abuser the next time I post an item for sale.:) )

I've been around a while, and probably posted a lot more when I was new to 1911s and had lots of questions. Frankly, I don't post a lot now unless I've got something new or different to add to responses already posted. Piling on or adding a sliver of new blather seems a waste of bandwidth. Every now and then I'll run into a problem that I cannot fix and will ask for help. I am an incessant buyer, trader, swapper, and seller of guns and gun stuff (junk, my wife says). I also read many sub-forums for info, updates, and perspective.

Anyway, thanks in advance for the clarification, and for running a good forum.

With as many posts as you have, you should know as well as I do what the rules say. The forum is not provided as a members personal green sheet. It is for members to occasionally post unwanted items, not items that they pick up at gun shows in hopes of making a profit.

There are no new rules. This one for example has been around since mid 2003.
ATTENTION MEMBERS: Please read regarding this forum

GAFS is provided as a service to the members of the 1911 Forum intended as a market place for members to sell extra items they may have. It is not intended to be a place for commercial sales and nor is it intended to be a member's personal "greensheet' where it is the only place where a member posts. Active, constructive participation in the other forums is a requirement to utilize GAFS. Ten posts here, and one post elsewhere doesn't count. Failure to comply with these guidlines will result in the deletion of the posted item and could result in the loss of posting privileges completely if failure to follow the guidelines is habitual.

A few members are already at risk of losing their privileges as they've been warned before.

Thank you.

The wording is plain. If a majority of a members posts are GAFS, they run the risk of loosing their membership. This would include recent post history.

It also says that any thread that is GAFS abuse will be immediately deleted.

Recent closings are a result of members taking advantage of the GAFS section.
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