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Gap between frame and slide on trophy match.

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Got a Springfield Trophy Match for christmas. My wife paid a 1000.00 for this gun. There is a gap of atleast .011/.279mm between the slide and the frame. I know this is a cosmetic issue but remember this is a 1000.00 dollor gun not a mil-spec. I called Springfiel Armory and they said this is in spec. for there guns. I own several Series 1 Kimbers as well as a couple of SC S&W's and none of them have a gap like this. The trophy match also has a crisp almost 6lb trigger pull ,I guess this is normal for there guns to. Any suggestions or help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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I have a new Springfield TRP w/ Armory Coat. I have noticed this small gap myself. You can just see part of the guiderod. I kinda wondered about this myself, but saw thta it had no impact on the function of the gun.

This 1911 is the first one I have ever had that doesn't wear on the dustcover. This slight lowering of the frame may have something to do with that. I'm just guessing, but maybe...
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