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GCNM sight questions

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Just brought home my new to me GCNM last Wed. (1995 production) First thing I had to do was get rid of the wrap around grips. Hate those things! Then had to use paint stripper to remove the caked up oil or glue that was under the grips.
(Stainless gun) Now I am interested in knowing if there are any 3 dot sights? I'm not use to the black target sights, just wanting something I can "see".
Also, I understand that the rear sight roll pin has the tendency to break? I've searched the Brownells catalog from front to back looking for the replacement solid pin. Anyone got a part number for this item??
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I replace the roll pin with a piece of drill bit. I cannot remember the drill bit size that I use. I remember taking my calipers to Ace Hardware and measuring more than a few drill bits.

You can use any staked front sight; however, the options for the rear are extremely limited. Wilson and Millett make replacement rear sights, and the Millett is available with a white outline pattern. As mentioned by jakemartens, the Wilson rear is available with white dots.
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