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Getting ready to order reloading outfit, HELP!

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OK, I'm taking the plunge here. I'm getting ready to order a Lee Pro 1000 for .45ACP and 1000 bullets from Precision, since I like the idea of the moly coating for less $$$ than FMJ. What is the advantage of going with a 200RN grain over a 230RN grain bullet? Were talking about target practice/plinking here. No competetion, no defensive use. One of my .45's has the shorter barrel, so I was thinking about the 200 grain for less recoil. Your thoughts?? BTW, cannot afford to go with a Dillon 550, so it's going to be the Lee 1000.
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If you're able to save enough for a Dillon 550, may I suggest you look at the similarly priced Hornady Lock-n-Load AP? Search the archives in this forum and you'll see that quite a few people have been very happy with the Hornady. I am convinced I made the right decision by buying one. It's extremely well designed, less complicated than the 550, and has an extra station (like the 650). The powder measure is very consistent with the powders I've used (Bullseye, VV 310, AA #5, and Titegroup). The Lock-n-Load bushings make it super easy to remove & reinstall your dies for cleaning, or to change calibers. I was concerned about losing accuracy due to variations in OAL caused by "wobble" of the shell plate. (This is a common problem for turret & progressive presses. Careful setup and tweaking can minimize the problem, and some presses are inherently more accurate than others.) I can load 50 rounds and all of them will be within +-.002" of the desired OAL. I'm still working up my best load, but I'm already seeing standard deviations of less than 17 fps when I chrony my loads. My point is: the press is capable of producing very consistent, accurate ammo. I know Dillon has a reputation for their "No BS" warrantee, and I've read nothing but praise for their customer service. Hornady's warrantee is just as strong as Dillon's. My only experience with Hornady's customer service was pleasant. I bought a demo model via an Internet auction, and it was missing a piece when I got it. I called Hornady, and they sent it out that day, no charge. If I had to do it all over again, the Hornady LNL AP would STILL be my first choice.

- Steve
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